MyCards Art Fundraiser

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to wish someone you love a Happy Valentine’s Day, than with your child's very own artwork!

This year I am super excited about this fun fundraiser my students get to be a part of in their art class.

  • In Person students:
    1. Complete art in class
    2. Take home, preview work, and fill out order form Jan. 18th
    3. Return all work and order forms by Jan. 22nd
  • Virtual students:
    1. Pick up packet in office during the week of Jan. 11th
    2. Complete art at home using art videos on Mrs. Allen’s art page.
    3. Return all work and order by Jan. 22nd

For Best Results:

  • Use markers, crayons, and sharpies
  • Outline
  • Use lots of color
  • Fill the space of the paper
  • Keep picture simple
  • Keep picture inside the boundaries on paper

Also please be careful when viewing work at home. Please send work back unharmed. I would hate to have someone’s masterpiece destroyed before sending it to be printed.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Allen.