Fun with School Board Member at Assembly

School Board member Raul Gonzalez joined us at Thelma Jones for our weekly unity assembly. Before Principal Rhines introduced him, the TJE cheer squad had taken the floor to amp up the crowd!

When the song Cupid Shuffle came on, Mr. Gonzalez didn't hesitate to hit center court and start moving to the beat. Although the lyrics said "walk it by yourself," he was not alone as students & staff kicked it with him.

As an honorary shark, he spun the wheel to join one of our unity houses. Cheers erupted from those in gray after it landed on Einheit. Mr. Gonzalez was then gifted the signed portrait of himself, painted by 3rd grader Winter Domo.

TJE would like to thank Mr. Raul Gonzalez for visiting us. He cheered, show off his dance moves, and made this an assembly to remember! See more great moments below.